Stomping Grounds

Local boating tales from America's Waterways

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From the bayou to the Rocky Mountains, and the depths of the Pacific to the sandbars of New England, Stomping Grounds is an exciting new video series from Boat Trader that features boaters across America showcasing why they love their boat and what features make it the perfect vessel for their neck of the woods.

Each episode of the Stomping Grounds video series takes a documentary-style approach to exploring a new geographic locale, delving deeply into the local boating styles, traditions and stories that are unique to the area. Host Ryan McVinney interviews boaters about their local culture, history and the types of vessels that they use, exploring what key features make them the ideal watercraft for their purposes.

Episode 1

Tin Boat Mafia, Cape Cod

In this inaugural episode, host Ryan McVinney takes viewers to the outer reaches of Cape Cod, Massachusetts to meet a local group of boaters affectionately referred to as the "The Tin Boat Mafia". This heart-warming family story of aluminum boat owners who share a love for the outdoors and nature is particularly moving during the COVID-19 pandemic. From fishing and surfing to sun bathing and collecting driftwood, this episode chronicles the group's passion for the water and demonstrates why light-weight, easy-to-handle, shallow draft aluminum fishing boats are their vessels of choice for navigating the sandbars of Cape Cod, MA.

Episode 2

Florida's Highway on the Water

From country music star Brian Kelley's big 56' Sunny Briggs Sportfishing Yacht, to getting caught in a storm aboard a small Hurricane deck boat in the Gulf of Mexico, this episode of Stomping Grounds has host Ryan McVinney exploring boat culture in Florida's Panhandle region, from the Emerald Coast to The Big Bend and the Forgotten Coast. Brian Kelley, aka "Beach Cowboy", or BK for short, makes up one half of the country music group Florida Georgia Line (FGL) and has just released his own solo album Sunshine State of Mind. Kelley invites viewers aboard his vessel the "Brittney Marie" which was named after his wife, for a look at the couple's Stomping Grounds. Songs from his album play on the boat's sound system - including a tune about shopping for a boat on Boat Trader.

Episode 3

Carolina Flare: Netflix's Outer Banks

In this episode, we visit the coast of North Carolina where host Ryan McVinney meets up with filmmaker Jonas Pate and his family to discuss the real life inspiration behind his hit Netflix show Outer Banks. We learn about Carolina Skiffs and visit Grady-White in Greenville, then meet some professional boat cinematographers and local custom Carolina sport fishing yacht dealers. Finally we stop in Washington to reminisce about the early days of powerboat racing with champion Reggie Fountain, who regales viewers with tales of beating Don Johnson, Kurt Russell, Al Copeland and Chuck Norris while setting speed records and capturing the title of the fastest V-bottom boat in the world. From go-fast speed boats to family cruising we see some of what makes North Carolina's storied boating culture unique and special.

Episode 4

Fishing the Flats in Backcountry Islamorada, Florida

Host Ryan McVinney takes Boat Trader fans on an in-depth exploration of Florida flats fishing deep in the backcountry of Islamorada. Featuring Captain Eric Lund, a Wall Street Broker turned backcountry fishing guide, this episode reveals the key design features of the world's best flats skiffs and how they are built for targeting some of the most exciting sportfish species on the planet. Also covered are bay boats and their versatility for families exploring Florida's coastal waterways, along with a detailed study of fish species and wildlife in the region. Some of the area's most beautiful and secret locales show why Islamorada has earned the nickname of the Sportfish Capital of The World.

Episode 5

Key West: A Boater's Paradise

In Stomping Grounds Episode 5, our crew follows the road all the way down to where it ends on the tropical sun-baked island of Key West at the southern tip of the Florida Keys. Surrounded by water, Key West is a boater's paradise with historic seaports and marinas offering a bustling waterfront with historic schooners, dive boats, sport fishing charters, parasailing adventures and scenic coastal excursions. Host Ryan McVinney hops aboard a custom hybrid diesel-electric power catamaran with solar panels, called "Squid" for an in-depth eco-tour of Key West National Wildlife Refuge, including snorkeling in a sponge garden with tropical fish. Next a quick stop in Dry Tortugas National Park via the 110-foot Gladding Hearn power catamaran the "Yankee Freedom III" to visit historic Fort Jefferson, then we jump on a 2020 Sea Hunt 255 Ultra for a ride through the dolphin playground to a secret local boating spot known as Snipe Keys with pristine white sandbars. Back in town we we board the Nau Santa Maria - a replica of Christopher Columbus' sailboat. Finally we head 50 miles offshore to ply the wakes of the shrimp boats with fishing charter captain Chris Trosset aboard his Contender 35ST center console boat.

Episode 6

Downeast Lifestyle: Cruising the Coast of Maine

From Lobster boats and windjammers to downeast style yachts and classic wooden vessels, Stomping Grounds 6 has the Boat Trader crew visiting the coast of Maine to explore the rich heritage behind one of the meccas of wooden boat building in the United States. Highlighted is a very special boat constructed at the Brooklin Boat Yard named LEGEND, a stunning 38-foot wooden boat that is a well-researched and accurate reproduction of Ernest Hemingway's fishing boat, PILAR built by Wheeler Yachts, the same family-run company that built his original yacht. Next is a stop to the nearby WoodenBoat Magazine that keeps tradition alive by teaching a new generation of students how to build wooden boats. From there we learn about modern "downeast style" yachts and the venerated Hinckley Yachts company before stopping in Camden to learn about Windjammer sailboats, hopping aboard Capt. Dennis Gallant's Windjammer ANGELIQUE, a steel hull "Brixham trawler" that takes adventurous guests around Maine's many natural archipelagos. The last stop has host Ryan McVinney visiting Bar Harbor to chat with Captain Dallas Hodgkins, a third generation lobsterman who explains lobster boats and lobstering, a quintessential Maine pastime.

Episode 7

Florida's Treasure Coast: The Sailfish Capital of the World

In this episode, we visit Florida's Treasure Coast, where host Ryan McVinney shows viewers why the charming seaside city of Stuart is an outdoorsman's paradise. Widely known as "The Sailfish Capital of the World", we embark on a day of sailfishing with Captain Scott Fawcett on his 31 Contender, to learn why Stuart is the place to be to catch these prized billfish year-round. With great sportfishing, comes great sportfish boats; so next, we take you to Stuart's "Dreamboat District", where some of the world's greatest custom boat builders reside. Then, we join the owner of a classic 20 Seacraft, custom-built for Stuart's plethora of fisheries, on a boat ride through the expanses of the St. Lucie River. Here, we learn more about Stuart's famous snook fishery and diverse ecosystem. Along the way, a stop at the old Evinrude test facility uncovers some unique maritime history. For proper education regarding the environmental challenges the St. Lucie River faces and how the community has banded together to protect this valuable resource, we meet with Indian Riverkeeper, Mike Connor. Last, but not least, Ryan takes the day off on the Stuart sandbar. Here, when the water is clear and the sun is shining, hundreds of boaters bow up to the bar to show off their rides and enjoy their backyard boating paradise.

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