Yanmar Introduces New By2 Series Diesel Engines

>Yanmar Marine USA Corp recently announced the next generation of its lightweight BY Series diesels.

According to Yanmar Marine USA, these BY2 Series engines feature many new improvements, including a glow plug controller that virtually eliminates cold-start white smoke.

Image Source: Yanmar Marine

The Yanmar BY2 Series engine control unit has also been reprogrammed from torque to speed control, providing a smoother operation and better synchronization for twin engine applications.

For simpler installation and servicing, the fuel inlet and return connections are now incorporated into a single manifold mounted on the lower side of the engine. A two-piece flywheel housing enable both sterndrive and inboard configurations. A full metal top cover and fully-jacketed, water-cooled exhaust manifold with modifications to the turbocharger and heat exchanger protect the fuel system components and result in a lower profile.

Source: Yanmar Marine USA


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