Video: Hunt Harrier 36 Jet Drive Boat Review

The review team tested three versions of the Hunt Harrier 36. Here’s their review of the third propulsion system, a jet drive that reduces the draft to two feet.

Reviewer Lenny Rudow also discovered something else about this boat: it’s FUN to drive.

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Transcript of the Hunt Harrier 36 Jet Drive Video Boat Review

We’re testing Hunt’s Harrier 36. Now we’ve tested this boat in an inboard version, and an IPS version, but today? We’re on a jet boat. And luckily we’ve got Ray Hunt with us to tell us why people get jet boats.

Ray Hunt, Director of Engineering: Well the main reason is so that you can bring the boat into shallow water, and the draft is only two feet. And you don’t have to worry about lobster pots.

Well now cruise, we did better than 26 knots and got more than 1 mpg. But you know, what really surprises me is top end is over forty knots. What’s the deal?

Ray Hunt: Well the jets are extremely efficient at high rpm.

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