Video: How to Sell Your Boat for Big Bucks

For most of us, selling our boat is how we get the down payment for our new boat – so we need to make sure we get the best price we can. Two main factors will impact your ability to make top dollar: the boat itself, and how you advertise it. We’ll explain the ins and outs in our “How to Sell Your Boat for Top Dollar” video, and hit on the main points right here.

One of the most important things you can do to boost your boat’s value is get it looking good. You’ll need to get that gel coat shining like never before, which can be a fairly involved process. We’ve made an entire video about how to restore your gelcoat’s shine.

Get the other parts of your boat shining and clean, too. Use a metal polish on the rails; baking soda on a sponge works well for shining pipework and rails, too. Then treat all of your seats, cushions, and bolsters with a quality vinyl cleaner/protector. Shine your engine cowl, Lexan and windshield glass, vacuum the cabin, oil the teak, and rub along every seam and corner—this is the time to make that boat as good as humanly possible, because appearance will have a huge impact on how much cash you can get for your boat. And remember: never use an ammonia-based cleaner on those plastics, Lexan, or Plexi-glass parts, because it can make them look hazy.

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