Video: Bayliner Discovery 195 Bowrider Boat Review

Lenny Rudow reviewed this bowrider from Bayliner and “discovered” a simple, easy to maintain boat designed to be used for a range of on the water activities.

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Video Boat Review Transcript

Guess what I just discovered? Bayliner’s 195 Discovery. Now this is a very simple straightforward bowrider. It has a single stern drive, and it’s outfitted so that you can use it for just about any kind of water play you like. Fishing, waterskiing, whatever. I tested it to find out if it was the right boat for you.

Design and Construction

We have Matt Guilford here from Bayliner Boats to help us understand what this boat’s all about. How you doing, Matt?

Matt: Good! Good to see you Lenny.

So tell me, this is the 195 Discovery. What makes it a Discovery and what’s the Discovery series all about?

Matt: Bayliner’s Discovery series is made up of easy to maintain, functional boats that give customers the opportunity to get out there and explore.

Now one of the things that really jumped out at me about this boat is the nonskid. It’s textured, it’s grippy, it’s rubbery.

Matt: It’s perfect for the Discovery. With the wide open floor plan you can bring scuba gear, camping gear, the dog. You can just hose it down when you’re done.

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