Video: Bayliner 217 SD Deck Boat Boat Review

According to the review team, this zippy deck boat offers many different ways to have fun on the water.

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Video Boat Review Transcript

You know what’s great about deck boats? They create space. Unlike other boats that lose space. Like this tremendous bow platform. Look, there’s room up here for three bathing beauties like myself to stretch out. You know what else is cool about deck boats? Get rid of these cushions and you have a tremendous bow casting platform for fishing. Or add a wakeboard tower or tow package and you have a great watersports boat. You want to talk about highly adaptable? This is it.

One of the first things we’re gonna do to explore just how versatile the 217 SD is, is change the whole bow configuration.

So why doesn’t everyone use the bow deck design? Well, it looks a little unusual. But check out what it gives you. Look at all this space up front. And it turns the bow into another swim platform.

Two must haves: cold drinks, and cut limes. That’s why you got a cooler right here, and a cutting board right here. With this area that drains at the bottom. And a trash can, right here.

Another must have, right here: we all know what that is.

Wakeboarders will be happy to see this tower option. But is it sturdy? Yeah, I’d say so.

This turns into a lounger. And you have engine access right here. Plus, storage compartments on either side.

Design and Construction

Now Matt, I like this transom, but one thing confuses me. This hatch opens this way, and the other goes the other way. What’s going on?

Matt Guilford, Bayliner Boats: You know, that’s a great observation. We designed the transom area so you had storage no matter where you are in the boat. Folks in the interior can easily access that one, and this one is for people already on the swim step. It’s a great place to put wet wakeboards, wet waterskis, and it keeps them out of the interior of the boat.

Compared to other Bayliners, this is an unusual boat. Tell me, how does it fit into your lineup?

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