Video: 2012 Boston Whaler 315 Conquest Boat Review

Jeff Hemmel reviewed this new for 2012 fishable cruiser from Boston Whaler, and he says it stays true to their unsinkable heritage. From the review team at

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Transcript of’s Video Boat Review
Old salts wouldn’t recognize today’s Boston Whaler. After all, the Conquest 315 boasts 600 hp on the transom, and a cushy cabin that would rival many comparably sized cruisers. But then again, maybe they would. As our test of the 315 showed, Boston Whaler’s core values haven’t changed. The boat features the same unsinkable construction process that made the company famous, and a hull not intimidated by the open ocean. Here’s our review of one of the newest members of Whaler’s growing Conquest lineup.

Will, the Conquest can fish, but this boat also makes a really good cruiser.

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