Video: 2012 Boston Whaler 210 Montauk Boat Review

The review team recently climbed aboard a new but classic Boston Whaler and took it for a ride. What they found was that this basic design—which has been around for generations—still combines fishability and family fun into one trailerable package.

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One look at the square bow, low freeboard, and high perimeter rail, and you instantly know that this boat is a Montauk, one of Boston Whaler’s most legendary designs. The 210 is the largest boat in the Montauk line, yet with a standard trailer it’s still easily towable to and from the water. Once there, as you can imagine this boat excels at fishing. But as we’ll see in our review, it also has the amenities that make it great for cruising, skiing, and wakeboarding. Let’s take a closer look at the largest model in the Montauk line.

Bob, with a lot of more cutting edge designs in the Whaler line, what kind of buyer goes for the tried and true Montauk?

Bobby Garza, Boston Whaler: Well Jeff I think most Montauk buyers are somebody who appreciates the more traditional classic lines of Boston Whaler. They’re somebody who’s looking for a safe, stable platform for their family. It has ample features, but not too many to make the boat too complicated; they’re hose and go type of people, more utilitarian. They’re just looking for a simple, safe platform.

And to make it convenient for that buyer, you offer this as a package deal.

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