Trash Talk: #CleanWake Challenge Unites Boaters To Tackle Marine Debris

There’s plenty of trash talk on social media, but soon boaters across America will be “talking trash” on Instagram as a force for good. Launching now, with the help of key boating influencers and marine experts, @BoatTraderUSA is proud to introduce #CleanWake, a grassroots-style awareness campaign that is designed to unite and challenge millions of boaters and water lovers to pick up trash and start waves of conversation about reducing marine debris.

Given that boating is surging and more new enthusiasts plan to get on the water, awareness to keep boating grounds and waterways clean and trash-free, is timely. Jenny Burkett, Boat Trader’s PR manager, said, “Boaters stand at the forefront of the fight against waterborne trash and marine debris, and right now we have the opportunity to leverage today’s rapidly expanding boating audience to do good for the environment. Our goal is to reach people new to the water and challenge our followers to share their trash trapping routines with others in fun, creative ways, making “talking trash” on social media a positive force.”

When boaters pick up trash, whether on land or in the water, Boat Trader challenges Instagram users to tag #CleanWake and @BoatTraderUSA in a post. Boaters who become ambassadors for the campaign by posting, resharing and spreading important awareness about picking up trash, have the chance to be rewarded with boating gear. Additionally, reusable mesh trash bags for boats called Trash Trappers by SeaSense™ will be given away on Instagram.

CleanWake Boat Trader Instagram Challenge. Photo: Boat Trader.

At the start, Ian Wilson-Navarro (@ianwilsonn), an outdoor lifestyle photographer and conservationist based in Key Largo, Florida, was among the first influencers to endorse #CleanWake. Wilson said, “Using my lens to capture scenes that depict boaters living in harmony with nature gives me great joy and I hope my art moves people to embrace and guard our environment. I’m happy to partner with the movement and spread more awareness for keeping waterways clear and help flood feeds with inspiring #CleanWake content.”

Head to Instagram right now and tell us @BoatTraderUSA your #CleanWake story – maybe it’s the craziest piece of trash you’ve found floating in the water, or maybe it’s just the fact you eliminated single-use plastics onboard and have a nifty cool recycled thermos instead. To launch a wave of conversation, share and reshare our #CleanWake posts to your feed and story, starting your own ripple effect among boaters you know.

As boaters, we can all urge everyone we know who spends time on the water to do their part and leave a #CleanWake by making picking up trash and reducing debris a part of our shared boating passion.

Beyond social media, we will be publishing inspiring stories from real boaters across the country, all to demonstrate how a sea of hands can create a profound ripple effect for cleaner water. If you’re lacking inspiration, read about Meag from Lake Huron, Jordi from Maine, Michael from Oregon, and Hannah from Florida. Each character is from a different state with a unique story.

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Written by: Jennifer Burkett

Jenny is an avid boater who has worked in the marine industry for years. She developed a fondness for trawlers during her tenure at Kadey-Krogen Yachts and has an affinity for life-on-the-water, contributing articles regularly to Boat Trader, YachtWorld and Originally from Chicago, she made her way to Maryland to escape the bone-chilling winter temperatures of the Midwest and to be close to the coastline. She's made Kent Island her home—a location that makes enjoying the Chesapeake Bay a part of her daily life.