The Torqeedo Travel Electric Outboard Offers Efficiency And Power

The Torqeedo homepage features details on the Torqeedo Travel. According to Torqueedo, the Torqeedo Travel delivers propulsive power comparable to a 2 hp gasoline outboard, and is twice as efficient as conventional electric outboards. Utilizing electrical and propeller technologies, this compact outboard turns a 12″ x 10″ propeller. It weighs only 25 pounds, including a removable 8 lb. integrated lithium-manganese battery.

Torqeedo also reports that Capt. Don Mull, Jr., a shallow-water tournament champ based in Port Charlotte, Florida, is sold on his ultra-lightweight Torqeedo Travel 801 electric outboard. “I don’t go fishing without it,” he said.

“The Travel has the power to get in and out of the back bays and creeks where I fish all day,” Mull said. “By lightening the load when every ounce counts, my 23′ Ranger bay boat doesn’t draw as much water, so I can catch more red fish, snook and tarpon in the shallows.”

Mull said he appreciates the ability to easily remove and stow the engine so it’s not a target for opportunistic thieves. And, the fact that the Torqeedo Travel has no wires or heavy battery “to lug around,” frees up room on board for more bait and tackle.

“I’m amazed at how powerful and efficient the Torqeedo is,” said Mull. “No power is lost between the head and the prop shaft. For my type of fishing, the small battery lasts all day with power to spare. It’s the most efficient outboard around.” To top it off, Torqeedo engines are emission-free outboards that are kind to nature.

Source: Torqueedo


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