Tigé RZR: Video Boat Review

The latest Video Boat Review from the Boats.com Review Team. Enjoy this peek into high performance tow boats!

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Wakeboarding’s all about BIG. Big air, big sound, big room to bring all your friends along for the ride. Not everyone’s a match, however, for a 24 foot wake machine. That’s why Tigé created the RZR. It’s got all the features of the company’s flagship line, in a more compact 2o foot package that Tigé promises to be an exceptional value. Is it? Let’s find out.

Tigé Interview

Daniel, if bigger is typically better in the towsports market, why come out with a smaller boat like the RZR?

Daniel Gutierrez, Tigé Boats: I think it’s because we felt that we could put the bigger is better mentality and the feel into a smaller boat. So the RZR is a very large and spacious design, for being a 2o foot boat. But it also allows people with a restricted waterway and they need a limited size boat or someone who has to tow several hours or a long distance in order to use the water, it gives them a boat option that isn’t compromising in that big boat feel.

And it really does deliver the performance of a larger model. Yesterday I had Adam Errington out behind the boat. I mean, he just killed it off the wakes of a smaller 20 foot boat.

Daniel: Absolutely. It’s a boat that’s not only designed to feel big but it has the performance of a big boat as well. So you fill up the different ballast options that we have, you can make a killer wakeboarding wake, or a surf wave that’s absolutely huge, in really a matter of minutes.

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