Video: Sylvan Explorer 1600 DC Boat Review

Reviewer Lenny Rudow said the Sylvan Explorer 1600 DC made him want to go fishing. We thought that was true of most boats, but he claims this one has something special. Watch the video and find out what got this veteran fisherman so excited.

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Video Boat Review Transcript

You know what’s tough about reviewing a boat like Sylvan’s 1600 DC? I get on it and I open up something like this seven foot rod box and I don’t want to work, I want to go fishing!

Check out what other things this boat has to offer anglers. Up on the foredeck, there’s a fifteen gallon live well right here, and extra stowage space right here. There are pedestal seat mounts forward and aft, and there’s a plug for your trolling motor right here on the bow.

Now it’s interesting to note how they linered this compartment. It’s a rubberized material which is nice for keeping your gear from banging around, but it does allow sound to transmit through the hull which of course could scare fish.

The helm’s designed really nicely. Look at how slick that gauge package looks. And you have an electronics flat. There’s another room here for a 5-7″ LCD screen.

If you’re anything like me you like to haul a lot of fishing rods. Well don’t worry, as well as that box up front, there’s a stowage box right here that you can use to hold rods or other gear.

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