Smoker Craft 162 Pro Angler XL: Video Boat Review

The boat review team at took a look at this sixteen foot fishing boat. Reviewer Lenny Rudow says it stands out from the crowd.

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Video Boat Review Transcript

Review a bunch of sixteen to eighteen foot boats, and after awhile they all start to bleed together. One that doesn’t? Smoker Craft’s Pro Angler XL. Why? Well it has a lot of features and construction techniques that are really interesting. Come on back to the dock, and let’s check ’em out.


This is a nice roomy foredeck. And it’s interesting how they laid it out. Course you have your anchor locker up here, you have your trolling motor plug right here, and this stowage compartment under here goes all the way across. It’s one big open area, with a mount for a trolling motor battery and your electrical wires already in place.

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