Classic Boat Insurance

Most people have enough invested in their boats to want boat insurance to cover accidents and be able to recoup that investment. There are a few, just … [Read more...]

Storm-Damaged Boats, Part 2: Untangling the Mess

storm-damaged boats

What happens to storm-damaged boats? The initial answer depends on if you have your boat insured and the particulars of that policy. I’ll discuss what … [Read more...]

Boat Repairs: Managing the Risk

Imagine this: your boat catches fire, is covered with paint overspray, or is impaled by a fork lift thanks to a negligent boat yard worker. Are you sure … [Read more...]

Insuring Your High Performance Boat

Ben Belyea

Going fast requires focus, high level of competency and state of the art equipment. If you are the owner of a high-performance boat, you need to apply … [Read more...]