Cypress Cay Seabreeze: Video Boat Review

In this week’s Video Boat Review, Jeff Hemmel dives into an entry-level pontoon boat that offers the same construction and materials used in higher end models.

We hear a lot about “bang for the buck” in today’s boating market. A lot of it’s hype, but some of it is valid. Take Cypress Cay’s Seabreeze. This is a price-point entry level model, that still uses a lot of the same quality construction and materials that Cypress Cay uses on their higher end models. Let’s take a closer look at this entry-level pontoon.

Interview with Jane Schlegel, Cypress Cay
Cypress Cay is relatively new to the market, but I know you have a full a range of models. How do you keep the quality up in a price-point boat like this?

Jane: Well what we did on this boat is we make it a no frills boat. We just provide the quality materials and construction method that we know people will value. What we don’t have are all the frills that we do on our upper level models. We still offer things like the same quality vinyl that we have on the bigger boats, protected by the prefex. We have a fiberglass helm, stainless steel hardware. And also we give people a lot of room inside the boat. So these boats have a lot of seating capacity. And we think at this price point that’s the kind of value people are looking for.

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