2012 Cypress Cay Cozumel 250: Video Boat Review

Editor’s Note: Pontoon boats are providing fresh competition for the decked boat market, with new hull configurations that rival v-hulls in performance and handling while still offering plenty of space for a party. To find out more, watch this Boats.com video boat review.

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Transcript of Cozumel 250 Video Boat Review

Decked boats have proven immensely popular in recent years, but they now have a big target on their back. And the boats taking aim are none other than pontoons. Like this Cypress Cay Cozumel 250. By combining high horsepower with agile new pontoon configurations, boats like the Cozumel are now rivaling their v-hull competitors in terms of performance and handling.

Add the wide open layouts that have always made pontoons a favorite, and you’ve got a new-found performer that still knows how to party.

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