The New Little Black Dress – Boating Rain Gear

Columbia rain jacketYes folks, we learned the hard way this past weekend that rain gear is not just a nicety. It is an essential component of any boater’s attire. This is one element that my boyfriend and I are in 100%, complete agreement on. Boating rain gear. Must-have. Though unfortunately, we realized this after the fact.

I should know by now to stop trusting the forecast, but it was predicting such a gorgeous day! Not a cloud in the blue-internet-sky of the weather channel. So we headed out on the water to enjoy some sun and snacks. Not too deep into the journey, the rain started. We decided we would “rough it” – onward! It had to be short-lived because the forecast showed sunny skies, right? Very wrong. The rain did not let up one iota. We had one extra shirt which my boyfriend was kind enough to let me wear (I saved that for the halfway point) while he remained cold and soaked (we found out that the mountains of NC are not so warm in the summer).

At least we have learned by now to protect our food in multiple layers – however, once out of the Ziploc and foil, it was hard to protect the poor sandwiches. The Ziploc was repurposed in an attempt to protect our camera, whose whereabouts we realized about ten minutes too late as we watched it wading in a small pool on the deck. The high point – the camera survived – though there were few pictures as evidence of this trip. I won’t bore you with the details, but you see how this plays out. Five hours later with the sky still dumping buckets of rain on us, we could finally see the campsite, and the tent had never looked so good. The best $1.75 I ever spent was on the quarter-operated shower. Hot water = instant fan. Needless to say, the evening wasn’t looking promising so we packed up early, and headed straight for the nearest Columbia store. The money we spent here comes in a very close second to the aforementioned shower – we are now prepared for not only the rain but the desert, the arctic, the jungle…my apologies to Columbia for having to restock their gear.

Looking back, we’ve chalked this one up to a nice bonding experience. Which it surprisingly was, all things considered. But at the time, it did not seem quite as pleasant. And okay, perhaps I may have complained a bit more about the weather conditions than my boyfriend. Moral of this story – we agreed on, and corrected in short order, our lack of rain gear. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice – I don’t think so, my friends. We’re ready for you, rain!