Boat Safety

Beware Boat Buyer Blindness

Taking delivery of a new boat, whether it's used or off the shelf, can be a heady time -- sometimes too heady. Some years ago when I was managing a … [Read more...]

Even if You Have a GPS for Your Boat, You Still Need a Compass

In the age of GPS units and digital mapping software, using a compass might seem like a needless skill. According to an article on, the … [Read more...]

Outboard Motor Safety Alert System Makes Boating Safer

Powersport Innovations introduces the Safety Alert System for outboard motors. An amber LED light mounted on the outboard motor alerts other boaters that … [Read more...]

Newly Patented Safety Alert System Makes PWCs Safer

To create a safer recreational environment on water and land, PWC Industries Inc. introduces the ground-breaking Safety Alert System. Its bright LED light … [Read more...]

Tracking Device Leads Florida Sheriff’s Department To Stolen Boat Within 60 Minutes

Paradox Marine reports that the Nav-Tracker 2.0 wireless boat location and GPS tracking system helped recover a $200,000 35-foot Fountain boat within 60 … [Read more...]

Prepare Your Boat For Hurricane Season Now

With the start of hurricane season, the BoatUS homepage offers tips that can help your boat make it through this storm season.  Among the suggestions … [Read more...]

Coast Guard’s new Response Boat-Medium goes into service

The Coast Guard's new 45-foot Response Boat-Medium (RB-M), makes its debut today in Virginia Beach, Virginia. If the photo above is any indication, the … [Read more...]