Summer Contest Winners Go Fishing

Well, Carson and Carter McBride are going fishing. In an aluminum boat. The two boys from Springdale, Ark., were featured in the winning entry of the Tap Into Summer video contest hosted by and Boat Trader. Their winning video depicts Carson, age 9, and his 6-year-old brother, Carter, fishing in a playground, and then in a shallow pond while standing in plastic crates, imagining what they’d do if they only had an aluminum boat.

The McBride family picks up their new boat.

Last week the boys joined their father, Aaron, on a trip to the Brunswick aluminum boat manufacturing facility in Lebanon, Mo., where they got a VIP plant tour and towed home a brand new Triton 16 Storm, their prize for winning the contest. “They told us we’d see the factory from the highway before we got to the exit,” says Aaron McBride, “and when the boys spotted the plant they could see our new boat, which was parked right out front. Everyone at the Brunswick plant was very nice, and really happy to show us around. We had a good time.”

They’ve even put together a video of picking up the boat.

Aaron says his boys, who are both avid anglers, came up with the idea for the video but that they really do like to go out and pretend to fish. “Carson has been fishing with his grandfather, that’s my dad, since he was about two years old,” says Aaron McBride. “They have a place and boat on Lake Fork in Texas, which is about a five-hour drive from our home. To fish here at home, we go out and work from the bank, wading for trout in the White River and casting into some local lakes. But these are creative boys, and they actually do get out those plastic crates and imagine they are floating in the lake.” The Tap Into Summer effort was not the first video project for Carter and Carson. The pair have a website devoted to their angling exploits. Carson is also an avid fan of pro fishing, and enjoys following pro angler Kevin Van Dam and watching old Bill Dance blooper videos.

Carson McBride, age 9
Carter McBride, age 6

Aaron McBride, an engineer specializing in lean manufacturing at Preformed Line Products, took a professional interest in the tour of the Brunswick plant. “I take a lot of plant tours as the leader of a team studying lean processes,” says Aaron McBride. “This was the first time I’d been in an aluminum boat plant, and it was interesting to observe the Brunswick methods. Before assembly actually begins, they have cut every piece of aluminum that will be used in the boat, and placed it on a rack where each can be picked up as it’s needed. It was all very well organized and efficient. In fact, I may come back with my team, and we’ve talked about an exchange with the Brunswick manufacturing team.”

Winning the boat will help Aaron McBride get back on the water. “I got out of fishing while going to college, and there just wasn’t time when I was starting a career and a family,” said the 36-year-old McBride. “It’s Carson’s enthusiasm that’s dragged me back. Now that we’ve got the Triton, I think we’ll be out more often. We’re starting this weekend, and will be taking the boat with us down to Lake Fork for out annual family Thanksgiving gathering.”

View Carson and Carter’s video of the first adventure in their new boat.

plueddeman-head-shotCharles Plueddeman is’s outboard, trailer, and PWC expert. He is a former editor at Boating Magazine and contributor to many national publications since 1986.