Shakespeare Electronic Products Group Introduces Low-profile 5253-ORB Antenna For Orbcomm Subscribers

Shakespeare Electronic Products Group recently introduced the low-profile 5253-ORB antenna for Orbcomm subscribers.

Fitting applications where small size is important, this compact 36″ antenna is optimized for the Orbcomm 137-150 MHz band.

A half-wave, end-fed stainless steel whip, the 5253-ORB comes with 15′ of RG-58 cable.

Its construction includes a tin-plated copper wire coil housed in a sealed, chrome-plated brass canister that minimizes de-tuning associated with plastic canisters. To suit various installation requirements, the 5253-ORB has a standard 1″-14 thread ferrule that fits an array of Shakespeare antenna mounts.

Source: Shakespeare Electronic Products Group


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