Relax Afloat, Before You Pull the Boat

Summer boating has its own vibe—groups of friends, rushing off for the vacation, a rendezvous, packing the kids onboard, and, if you’re like me, competitive sailing and racing and all that entails. One way or another, it’s a logistical rush to get from one event to the next.  The season is short and perhaps we push ourselves to get out there. But you know the feeling, in some ways it is almost a relief when it is time to put the boat away.

Some of the over 60 boats that participated in this year's annual fall Sail for Hope charity regatta make their way down Narragansett Bay's west passage. Photo by Jenna Roy

Fall boating, on the other hand, tops my list of enjoyable times on the water. It’s time to kick back and relax..and maybe you don’t have to put the boat away that soon after all. The water is warm, the breeze is crisp, and you have the seas mostly to yourself. Neither looking forward to winter, nor back on a hectic summer, you have no destination in mind, you’re just out for some quiet time on the water—you’re in the moment.

Besides the slower pace, there are a lot of other things that favor boating in the fall versus any other time of the year. For example, along most of our coast, nature is putting on her annual foliage show. Low-key charity events are popular for socializing and for giving back. With nobody else competing for dock space, marina folks are truly glad when you pull in. You even get to wear all that fancy boating gear you bought without breaking into a sweat. You have all winter to recharge your intensity, so, as the song says, “as the days dwindle down to a precious few”, I recommend taking time this fall for just a few more trips on the ocean blue.