Princecraft Sport 177: A Family Boat With a Fishing Pedigree

Last month we took a look at the Princecraft Nanook DLX WS, a dedicated fishing boat from the prolific Canadian aluminum boatbuilders. While reviewer Lenny Rudow was visiting the company in Princeville, Quebec, he also got a ride on the Sport 177, and we thought it would be good to showcase it here on Waterblogged, too, as an example of what a builder can do with the same general shape and size of boat, but with a different focus as to purpose.

The Princecraft Sport 177 does a little of everything -- and can do it fast.
The Princecraft Sport 177 does a little of everything — and can do it fast.

The 177 is about a foot longer than the Nanook, with a few more inches of beam and over 300 pounds more displacement. Accordingly it’s rated for a 150-hp outboard, as opposed to 115 for the Nanook, and with that extra power the boat really takes off — Lenny ran it at nearly 50 mph.

Even with double-plating at the bow and chines, and a deck of vinyl-covered pressure-treated marine ply,  the 1,330-pound boat gets an outstanding 5.5 miles to the gallon at a fast cruising speed of 36 mph.

The main difference between these two models is that while the Nanook is all about fishing, the Sport 177 does a bit of everything, with the whole family in mind: You can fish, you can ski or wakeboard or go tubing (there’s a socket aft for a tall drop-in tow pylon), or you can lounge and picnic on plenty of well-thought-out seating fore and aft. There are lots of good stowage spaces and handholds all around the boat, including two livewells, a roomy deck locker with rod-holders, and a passenger-side console glove box.

Watch Lenny’s full video review below. For more information, read his 2014 Princecraft Sport 177 Boat Test Notes, and visit Princecraft.