Price Your Boat with NADA Guides

How much is your boat worth? What asking prices are owners setting for similar boats? And that slightly larger boat you’ve been eyeing yourself—is the asking price too high, or about right? What about the worth of outboard engines? How does a boat model with a smaller, newer engine compare with one that has a bigger but older engine?

NADA guide listing
The NADA guides page showing a sample boat’s basic specs.

If you’re wading into the used-boat market for the first time, especially as a seller, answers to those questions can be hard to come by. There are a lot of variables involved in determining a fair price. For smaller, trailerable boats – family runabouts, center-consoles, ski and wakeboard boats, etc. – the basic range and standards of pricing can be found in NADA guides, familiar to owners of many types of vehicles, both marine and land-oriented. But NADA prices ranges don’t tell the whole story. For a more comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial in how to use the NADA guides in combination with real-time boat listing services, read this article on Boat Trader’s sister site, Used Boat Prices with NADA Guides.

With your pricing information in hand, read How to Sell Your Used Boat, which includes details on digital photos, ad copy, and how to prepare your boat for sale.

Finally, you can view the different selling packages available if you do decide to use Boat Trader to help sell your boat.

A previous version of this article appeared in September 2011, updated April 2020.


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