Nordic Boats: Hot New Deck Boat & Sport Catamaran

Based in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., Nordic Boats remains one of the strongest players in the West Coast custom realm, a decidedly regional segment of the go-fast powerboat market that was mostly decimated by the recession of 2007. Thanks to company principal Randy Davis and his team, the company was able to push through the economic downturn and continue to create products that continued to sell by staying current with trends—specifically the popularity of outboard engine power driven by sport catamarans and Mercury Racing’s Verado 400R model—in the marketplace.

In short, unlike most of its competitors, Nordic kept up. The most examples of this can be found in its new 26 Deck Boat and 28 SS sport catamaran, both of which are powered by twin Mercury Racing Verado 400R engines.

The first 26-foot deck boat from Nordic Boats with twin 400 HP outboards is a beauty. Photos by Tom Leigh/Tommy Gun Images.

Released in late August, the 26-footer—the first 26 Nordic Deck Boat to be powered by twin 400 HP outboards—reached an impressive 95 MPH (the company previously had built a few 26 Deck Boats powered by twin 300- and 350-HP outboards as well several 29 Deck Boats with twin outboards, but this was the first to be powered by Verado 400R offerings).

“With box stock 28-pitch Bravo propellers, the boat reached 95 MPH at 6,700 rpm,” said Bob Maguire, Nordic’s sales manager. “The boat runs really well with the twin 400s, better than we thought it would actually.”

Set up conservatively, this Nordic 28 SS sport catamaran reached 110 MPH.

As for the six-seat closed deck 28 SS sport catamaran, Nordic’s most recent offering was set up conservatively for a repeat customer and ran 110 MPH right out of the box, according to Maguire (dialed in for top speed, another 28 SS reportedly reached 130 MPH on Verado 400R outboard power).

“At 100-plus mph, you can have a conversation with the person sitting next to you,” said Maguire. “And the boat had a lot left in it. We could have set it up with hydraulic jack plates and all that for stop speed, but the buyers is a little more laidback. So we set it up with Max Five propellers and told him what the top speed would be, and he’s more than happy with it.”

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Written by: Matt Trulio

Matt Trulio is the co-publisher and editor in chief of, a daily news site with a weekly newsletter and a new bi-monthly digital magazine that covers the high-performance powerboating world. The former editor-in-chief of Sportboat magazine and editor at large of Powerboat magazine, Trulio has covered the go-fast powerboat world since 1995. Since joining in 2000, he has written more than 200 features and blogs.


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