The New Mercury Flyway 25 EFI FourStroke Outboard Engine Is Ready To Hide

The new Mercury Flyway 25 EFI fourstroke is low profile…and not just because it has low engine noise.

Mercury Marine has introduced the new Mercury Flyway 25 outboard engine with a standard-from-factory camouflage pattern and matching low-gloss paint.

According to Mercury Marine, there’s no need to hide your engine by covering it with spray paint, stickers or a bag.

Featuring the Advantage MAX-4 HD camouflage pattern, the engine that’s touted as the quietest in its class is now nearly invisible.

The Advantage MAX-4 HD was designed by Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Ltd. to meet the need of open terrain camouflage – without geographical limitations. The pattern incorporates cattails, millet, milo, corn stalks, sunflowers, oak and maple leaves, cedar and oak limbs, plus a variety of other plant life.

Not only do these engines utilize one of the most recognized camouflage patterns on the market, but Mercury’s feature-packed design, smart amenities and clean, quiet, fuel-efficient FourStroke performance makes the Flyway 25 EFI the obvious choice of power for smart hunters.

Source: Mercury Marine


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