Lowe Stryker: Video Boat Review

Boats.com continues to produce top notch video boat reviews. This week we bring you a fresh look at the Lowe Stryker, a stable back-to-basics aluminum fish boat.

You can also read reviewer Lenny Rudow’s in depth text review: Lowe Stryker: More Boat, Less Money


Now let’s say you’re looking for a new fish boat. Maybe it’s a starter boat, relatively inexpensive package, boat motor and trailer all together…something in the sixteen foot range. Let’s say you want to multi-species fish. You want to go for walleye in big lakes, you want to go for bass in the reservoirs, you want to catch crappie in the river, whatever. One boat you’re probably going to be checking out is the Lowe Stryker.


LENNY: You have a lower foredeck. We’ve got a little more protection from the water; you’re not quite as high as on a bass boat. I believe I noticed earlier, no matter where you sit on this boat, you can reach a live well, right?

TONY: Absolutely. You have a live well located right here in the rear deck, and then in front of the driver console, right there, is another live well—aerated live wells.

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