Invincible 35 Catamaran Review

Whether it’s in California or Costa Rica, balancing on a surfboard rocking back and forth on the waves is a fun, challenging activity that leaves you at the mercy of mother nature. However it’s the complete opposite of being aboard the new stable Invincible 35 Catamaran. This is a strong, seaworthy, center console machine, and it’s quite elegant to say the least. Last week we got an exclusive opportunity to go for a sea trial on this new model, out past the Haulover inlet and just north of Bal Harbour, Florida.

Glistening white and gliding smoothly through the water at a remarkably easy 70mph, she’s a tremendously sporty fisherman’s speed boat. The boat measures in at a length of 35’ 10” with an 11’ 7.5” beam. Built to tackle the moods of the water with ease, she is speedy when it’s glassy and stable when it’s choppy. The Invincible 35 is a great vessel whether it’s a sport-fishing outing with good friends, or an afternoon adventure with the family.

Maneuverability At High Speeds

After doing donuts out off the coast of Southern Florida we gave this boat a bit of a speed test on our way back to the docks. Fifty! Sixty! Finally the speedometer read seventy miles per hour! They did tell me that the max horse power of 1,200 gives us a top speed of seventy-two miles per hour. Then I saw it. The wake of another small ship. Before I knew it, we were hitting the water ramp and I had to hold on tight.

We launched into the air for what felt like 3 full seconds before coming back down. What a thrill, being momentarily lifted out of my seat, but I knew I had to prepare for the inevitable thud of the hull slamming back down into the water. Remarkably, this didn’t happen. The Invincible 35’s multi-hull easily sliced into the water and cushioned our landing, eating up the wake from the other boat as we came out clean on the other side. This made it all clear to me, Invincible Boats means power.

Invincible 35 Catamaran
Invincible 35 Catamaran. Photo: Nate Cantalupo.

Propulsion: Quad Mercury 300 HP

Powered by four 300HP Mercury outboards, there is plenty of oomph on board. A fuel capacity of 500/550 gallons (twin/quad) gives owners and operators the luxury of a great range with which to create a trip to sea that’s complete with all one’s favorite fishing spots, coves, secret beaches.

She’s designed thoughtfully with enough space to bring all the equipment you could think of needing for any type of mission. One thing that’s especially nice about the layout boat is the way that the catamaran design lends to a more geometrically square layout of the compartments.

Upon a thorough walkthrough, starting at the back of the boat I got quite a sense of spaciousness. The aft region of this vessel is all clean lines. The walls are flat and the extra seating folds flush into the transom which gives guests on board an abundance of space to walk about, whether it’s with rod or camera in hand.

Exploring the stern more in depth we find that there is an unexpected amount of storage space considering how open the area seems at first glance. Compartments, everywhere, for everything. The stylish oval baitwell with clear lid sits on the transom flanked on either side by a total of ten rod holders, a trend that can be found all the way around this ship. Closing the baitwell and looking down under one’s feet we find massive stowage in the deck to the left and right. Trap doors open up revealing that this is a fishing boat that wishes it was a cargo ship. We’re talking space for buckets, bags, tackle boxes, rods, s.c.u.b.a. equipment, inflatables, and if you’ve got a full nest at home you can pack in toys for the kids.

Moving on, we find a portside diver’s door that opens with ease and is built with integrity. A feature that at first glance is not out of the ordinary, but in practical use it’s very helpful – especially for those who might find it difficult to climb aboard. Accessible to all those you might want to bring out for the day.

The leaning post on the aft side of the captain’s bench is the definition of multifunctional. Underneath the wide, thickly-cushioned bench seat is a large storage box. A little tug on the backrest will drop it down and transform it into a countertop good for all types of preparations. Better still, it exposes a series of doors that open up exposing the organizer’s dream consisting of drawers, bins, trays, cubbies for every accoutrement.

At the helm two large Garmin screens are the first sign that this brand new boat has all the technology any good captain would want to have at his disposal, plus cup holders. From radio, to depth finder, maps and course plotting, not to mention locating finding the fish for you, this center console is packed with all the gadgets. Wide open sight lines and precise controls aid the helmsman in steering all 10,350 lbs. of dry weight (plus fuel and cargo) gracefully from dock to sea and back.

The bow area of this center console makes this fishing boat seem more like a bowrider pleasure boat with its massive day bed right in the middle. Not quite a California king, but sufficient for a few people to lounge for hours in the sun, this large, cushioned platform sits in the middle of the bow with plenty of room to walk around on all sides with lines in the water.

Did we say plenty of room? Under the bed the entire bed lifts easily on it’s spring hinges with one hand to reveal a locker that could hold all your bumpers, cases of beer and Santa Claus himself. On the starboard side from front to back there are multiple long compartments that could hold a good amount of fish if need be.

This 35’ power catamaran holds a unique place in the market. There’s nothing else quite like it being offered currently. Owners of this boat will have something that truly stands out on the water. Speed, stability, maneuverability, and its large storage capacity make this a great choice for those who want to go fast and spend many hours out adventuring and getting into the action.

Invincible lives up to their name with this one. Sturdy and swift, this boat can handle whatever you throw her into. Their tag line, “Two Steps Ahead,” speaks to the forward-thinking, innovative boat builders and designers behind this company. Always pushing forward, creating solutions and filling in the gaps in the market with offerings that intrigue and satisfy.

Written by: Nate Cantalupo

An experienced global traveler, Nate has kept a daily writing practice for over ten years, archiving, reflecting, and capturing his many adventures. A professional video producer, he identifies with storytelling. He’s always been called to the ocean, and grew up going to Nantasket beach in Hull, MA with his family in the 1990’s. Whether it's the balance of chemicals so similar to our crimson blood, or the exhilaration of being where there is no land in sight, out on the great blue is where he feels most alive. Currently he lives in South Beach, Miami, Florida. Check out his newest works at


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