Hurricane SunDeck 2690: Big Beam Brings Amenities

Seems as if pontoon boats are getting a lot of headlines these days. (Well, OK, we’re giving them the headlines ourselves.) As versatile as today’s pontoon boats are, though, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. For one thing they’re wide, which makes them hard to fit in a standard-sized slip.

Hurricane SunDeck 2690 OB
The Hurricane SunDeck 2690 OB is shown with the standard 300-hp Yamaha on the transom.

Also, form inevitably follows function on pontoon boats, so even though the best of them now perform surprisingly well, and can even pull skiers and wakeboarders, they’re really purpose-built for comfort.

It was nice to be introduced this year to the Hurricane SunDeck 2690 Outboard, a monohull that, square foot for square foot, can give smaller pontoons a run for their money in terms of comfort.

SunDeck 2690 helm and galley
The helm and galley area on the SunDeck 2690, Optional refrigerator shown.

At 26’4” with a full nine-foot beam, this is a wide, stable platform with plenty of room for amenities, including an outside galley area with pressure sink and grill, built-in cooler, drink-holders, seats and padding galore, and great options like a towing arch and refrigeration.

But the platform is not so wide as to defy standard docking options, and with a rating for a 350-hp outboard on the transom (300-hp standard), this boat will move out in no uncertain terms.

Charles Plueddeman at took a close look at the SunDeck 2690 OB prototype early in the year. Here’s his full review: Wide-Beam Hurricane SunDeck 2690 Deck Boat: Inventive Nature. A YouTube Short-Take video of the boat is below.

The first SunDeck 2690 has just shipped out (June 2013). For more information, visit Hurricane Boats.