How to Shrink Wrap a Boat

If you’re looking to protect your boat against winter, shrink wrap just might be your best option. Because it requires some special tools, and materials generally only sold in very large quantities, shrink wrapping is probably not a job you are going to tackle yourself. But it’s still important to know how it’s done, if only to make sure your subcontractor is getting it right.

Shrink wrap can be applied to almost any boat.’s outboard expert Charles Plueddeman explains why shrink-wrapping has become such a popular option:

“It’s fall, and that means it’s shrink wrap season. In my part of the world marine dealers are frantically racing freezing temperatures and impending snow, winterizing boats and sealing them tight in yards of blue and white plastic. The process of shrink wrapping has become a common, final step in the off-season storage regime, not just of boat owners in the snowbelt, but across the country. Sealed tight, a shrink-wrapped boat is protected from rain, snow and dirt and ready to be stored for months – or even years – right out in the elements.”

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