Harris FloteBote Grand Mariner SL250: Video Boat Review

On our sister site Boats.com, the video boat review team has been busy bringing you an in-depth look at new boat models. Here is their peek into the Harris FloteBote Grand Mariner SL 250, which blurs the lines between pontoons and conventional fiberglass cruisers. Enjoy!

It’s hard to beat an afternoon spent lounging on the back of your favorite boat. I’ve got my iPod ready to plug into the stereo system, fresh drinks at hand. The surprise? This setting isn’t the back of your favorite express cruiser…this is actually a pontoon boat, the Grand Mariner SL 250 by Harris FloteBote.

More and more, manufacturers are blurring the lines between pontoons and the conventional fiberglass market. Pontoons aren’t just mimicking v-hulls in terms of amenities, they’re also stealing some of their performance thunder. Crank the wheel at speed and this Grand Mariner banks into a turn much like a V-hull. What deserves the credit? Harris calls it the XTR performance package.

Interview with Jane Schlegel, Cypress Cay
Conventional wisdom would have been to cover this area in one big sunpad. Jane, why the change of thought here?

Jane: Well that is how traditional pontoon boats were designed. The large sunpad was there to cover up the large engine and muffle the noise from the occupants of the boat. But what changed is engine technology. Now we have four stroke engines; they run quiet. And instead of taking up all that space with a sunpad, now we can give it to people in seating. And what we did here is we increased seating and we made it more open. So people can talk to the driver from back here and really enjoy the social aspect of boating.

Now Jane, this has gotta be one of the more interesting pontoon configurations I’ve seen out of the water. Tell me, what exactly are we looking at here?

Jane: Well what we did is we tried to take the characteristics of a fiberglass hull and mold that into our third pontoon. So you can see on our center pontoon we’ve actually started to…

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