DutchCraft Electric DC25 Boat Review

The DutchCraft 25 is the newest in electric boating, offering a versatile option set to join the lineup of new eco-friendly boats. This fully-electric vessel features a variety of functional and versatile elements that make it stand out, beyond the advanced technology and all-electric operation.

DutchCraft DC25 Electric Boat. Photo by DutchCraft. DutchCraft DC25 Electric Boat. Photo by DutchCraft.


The DC25 remains true to the stylings of traditional DutchCraft vessels, offering flexible, practical vessels that offer industry-leading designs that are based on owner enjoyment. The smaller sister of the DC56, the 25 features a number of similarities but also has its own versatility and a compact drivetrain that makes room for much more deck space. The result is a boat that can be used just as easily for a family cruise as a fishing trip or even a day of diving out on the water.

The outward design of the boat is modular and simple, offering a variety of easy transitions so that the deck can fit a variety of needs. The center console doesn’t take up much space, leaving plenty of room for the fixtures and furniture that can be interchanged along the railings. You can add custom dive racks, padded bench seating, and other features to your model for added pleasure. Plus, when you clear the deck completely, the vessel will hold two personal watercraft or a land vehicle easily.

When you want a superyacht tender that gives you a way to enjoy all of your toys, the DutchCraft DC25 delivers everything that you need. It can carry all of your toys and accessories and give you a yacht that’s perfect for every occasion, no matter how many different occasions you find to take it out on the water.

Overall Boat Design

DutchCraft set out to create a totally new design in their superyacht family, offering a tender that features a low-profile drivetrain that is compact enough to free up the deck space, optimized by the latest in electric motor technology and hybrid power, along with whisper-silent operation and plenty of range. The speed is quite impressive, thanks to the powerful transmission, and the low-maintenance nature of the electric engine is a big selling point for many novice boat owners and those who want to spend less time maintaining their boat and more time on the water.

The practical design and electric engine are the biggest selling points of the DutchCraft DC25. The v-shaped hull is efficient and supports a single-level deck that offers a sleek, low-profile design that cuts through the water with ease. Aside from the covered center console, the entire deck is open and modular, making it easy to arrange the perfect space. Plus, the hardtop for the console can be removed and collapsed when not in use, making this boat even more versatile.

Electric Propulsion System

At maximum capacity, the DC25 can deliver up to 134kWh of power. Continuously, it streams power at 100kWh. The vessel can also reach as high as 32 knots, where it can cruise for 75 minutes without draining the battery. This is more than enough time to get guests where they need to go or hit the water for a little tubing or waterskiing. If you’re looking for a cruise, this vessel will last six hours at a nice, even six knots, with no noise, fumes, or hassles along the way.

The Uses

Although there is really no limit to what the DC25 can do for everyday yachting, some people still don’t understand just how versatile it is. In fact, according to DutchCraft, this vessel can be classified and used as:

  • A sports and leisure vessel
  • A family cruiser
  • A shuttle for guests, crew, luggage, or even groceries or garbage
  • A sport fishing watercraft
  • A scuba diving vessel
  • A toy carrier

From the Netherlands to the Next Level of Yachting

The DC25 might be the new kid on the block, but it’s definitely making waves. DutchCraft dubs it “a tender with style as well as substance”, and it’s easy to see that from the moment that you step on board. The company saw a growing need to create and deliver a powerful, robust tender that still offered the eco-friendly perks of all-electric operation, and to do so without compromising aesthetics or practical application. The result is this model, which is designed for every boater, changing the game of electric boating for those who once thought they couldn’t afford it.

This watercraft was designed and built in the Netherlands and features a durable carbon fiber body and plenty of functionality. Essentially, this tender is the Swiss army knife of its kind, and its all-electric operation caters to the growing audience of boaters who want an eco-friendlier boating solution.

Measuring in at just over 26 feet, this midsize vessel has plenty of room for everything that you need, and the access transom door opens right onto the ground level, making getting in and out a breeze. You’ll also get a built-in swimming platform and the included freshwater tank you saw in the specs is for the onboard shower.

Whether you’re in it for the noiseless, pollution-free operation or you’re just in love with the ultra-sleek, Scandinavian design, you’ll find plenty of ways to put this tender to use once you get yours in the water. If you’re looking for versatility and style that you can feel good about, the DutchCraft DC25 should definitely be on your list.


To ensure you get all the details, here is a breakdown of the DC25 specs, taken directly from DutchCraft.com:

Length overall: 8.04m / 26.3ft
Draft: 0.82m / 2.69ft
Draft (engine trimmed up): 0.40m / 1.31ft
Beam: 2.38m / 7.8ft
Maximum passengers: 12 pax
Maximum speed: 32kn
Continuous power: 100kW
Peak power (20 sec.): 135kW
Battery (standard): 89kWh
Battery (optional): 112kWh & 134kWh
Freshwater (optional): up to150 L / 40 gal
Range @ 32 knots: 75 minutes
Range @ 6 knots: 6 hours

Dimension capacities within 5% accuracy. Range depending on engines and battery. Particulars are given in good faith but cannot be guaranteed

Written by: Valerie Mellema

Valerie Mellema is a writer, published author and avid bass angler who lives on the shores of Lake Fork in East Texas — the top bass lake in Texas and the fifth in the nation. For the past 10 years, she and her husband have enjoyed the pontoon boat lifestyle while fishing a lake that not only has bass but beautiful wildlife as well. She holds a BS in Agribusiness/Equine Business and regularly contributes articles to boats.com, YachtWorld and Boat Trader.