Cypress Cay Cozumel 240: Fast and Fun

Pontoon boats these days are built to satisfy more than one boating lifestyle, from lounging and picnicking to skiing and wakeboarding. Jeff Hemmel’s video review of the Cypress Cay Cozumel 240 on shows a case in point. After a funny intro, Hemmel delves pretty deeply into the burgeoning market for pontoon boats in general and the strong points of this pontoon in particular.

The Cypress Cay Cozumel 240 test boat ran at over 45 mph  with a Mercury Verado 250.
The Cypress Cay Cozumel 240 test boat ran at over 45 mph with a Mercury Verado 250.

The forward part of the boat is fairly standard, with big, plush settees on both sides and seating for a good-sized party, smooth roto-molded stowage underneath, and a big – really big—under-deck locker for tow-sports toys, fishing rods, and other gear. Amidships there are two comfortable, body-hugging pedestal seats for the helmsman and a companion across the way. And aft there are wide recliners port and starboard, with big back bolsters and storage underneath.

Like other Cypress Cay models with the T-3 performance package, the Cozumel 240 carries the center pontoon a bit lower than the two outside ones, and there are lifting strakes on both sides of the center pontoon and on the insides of the outer pontoons. These design details help mimic the performance and steering attributes of V-bottom monohulls. With a supercharged 250-horspower Mercury Verado pushing the works, there’s no question that this is a high-performance pontoon. Hemmel ran his test boat to over 45 mph and found the power steering and acceleration to be very good.  Here’s the review. For more information, visit Cypress Cay.


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