Cruisers Sport Series 208 Bowrider: Little Big Boat

The Cruisers Sport Series 208 bow-rider is both fast and fuel-efficient.
The Cruisers Sport Series 208 bow-rider is both fast and fuel-efficient.

Cruisers Yachts, known for…well, yachts, are now getting a lot of attention for their Sport Series smaller boats. The series includes eight models from 20 to 32 feet long, six of them bow-riders. We’ve already looked at the 238 and the 258, so let’s turn our attention to the smallest in the series – the smallest boat in the whole Cruisers fleet — the very sporty 208.

At 20’10” LOA, with a beam of 7’6” and a weight of 3,100 pounds, the 208 is powered by a 260-hp, 5-liter Mercury stern drive – not a monster engine by any means, but enough to push the boat to a top speed over 50 mph, and to give excellent mileage at fast cruise rates between 26.5 mph (4.1 mpg) and 39 mph (3.5 mpg), according to on-water tests by

The 208 is a multipurpose family boat with plenty of comfortable seating, under-seat and under cockpit stowage, and thoughtful telescoping ladder setups — off the corner of the swim platform to keep swimmers’ legs clear of prop and drive, and off the bow, for shallow water and beach access. Build quality is high, and includes some features brought down from Cruisers’ yacht line, including an automatic Halon fire-extinguishing system in the engine compartment.

The 208 embodies a lot of what people are looking for in a versatile, easily trailered family boat – it’s a capable, fun platform for cruising, picnics, beach days, tow sports, even casual fishing.

For a full review of the 208 at, read 2014 Cruisers Sport Series 208: Video Boat Review, which also carries a link to the video below. For more information, visit Cruisers Yachts.



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