Crestliner 1850 Sport Fish: Video Boat Review

Charles Plueddeman reviewed this family friendly fishing boat on Watch the Video Boat Review. You can also check out his in depth Crestliner 1850 Sport Fish Boat Test Notes.

Family fishing boat: does that sound like an oxymoron? Crestliner doesn’t think so. This 1850 Sport Fish is designed to keep big water anglers safe and secure, but it’s also got some features that make it a great family fun boat. So you can drag bait all morning, and drag those screaming kids around in the tubes all afternoon, and never feel like you’ve made a compromise. One boat, one happy family. Let’s see how it works.


The Verado 150 on this boat delivers a nice combination of performance and economy. We got 6.2 mpg at 25 mph, that’s a nice fast cruising speed, and a top speed of 47 mph. This motor’s got some great mid-range punch, it really makes the boat fun to drive.

Expert Interview

Steve, this is pretty comfortable. It doesn’t feel like we’re sitting in a fishing boat. Who’s the customer for this Crestliner Sport Fish line?

Steve Magers, Crestliner Boats: Well this boat is for the family fisherman. It’s a very safe boat, deep freeboard, has a 17 degree deadrise hull for a smoother ride, but it has all the features of a great fishing boat.

Even a baitwell for my leeches.

Steve: Even a baitwell for your leeches.

Steve, to give it a better ride in rough water, the Sport Fish hull has seventeen degrees of deadrise. What exactly is deadrise?

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