Crestliner 1650 Fish Hawk: Video Boat Review

The review team at climbed aboard this compact fishing rig from Crestliner. See what they thought, and then read Charles Pluddeman’s detailed Crestliner 1650 Fish Hawk Boat Test Notes.

Video Boat Review Transcript

I’m here on one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes, testing the Crestliner 1650 Fish Hawk, a compact all-welded fishing rig that can do it all when it comes to angling. Except maybe put the worm on your hook.

Expert Interview

Steve, all the Fish Hawk models this year have this new console. What did you guys have in mind when you designed the shape of this?

Steve Magers, Crestliner Boats: What we were trying to achieve was plenty of room for electronics. We still have room for the smaller electronics on the side. But what we added was a platform to mount a round mount, which would bring your larger electronics right in front of the driver.

Now the material here has a nice texture, but it also seems really tough. What is this?

Steve: This is a rotational molded plastic, that is UV stable and extremely durable. You have no issues with cracking like other materials, such as TPO, ABS, or even fiberglass.

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