Boat Surveyors: A Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a boat is a process that’s unlike buying a house or a car although it has elements of both. Buying a new boat is fairly straightforward, but … [Read more...]

Boat Insurance: An Owner’s Guide

If you’re going to buy a boat, you will likely need insurance. Therefore, it's recommended that you get a boat insurance quote before you buy the boat … [Read more...]

Boat Warranties: A Handbook for Buyers

Boat warranty information can be confusing, to say the least, because there are a number of different types of boat warranties and virtually all of them … [Read more...]

Boat Transport and Shipping Primer

Boat Transport and Shipping Options

When you buy a boat that’s not close to home, it may be necessary to get some help with boat transport. Fortunately, there are plenty of boat haulers … [Read more...]

Fishing Boats Guide: Choosing the Right Fishing Boat

There are many types of fishing boats out there on the water and finding the best one for you, personally, can be a long process. That’s why we created … [Read more...]

Buying A Boat: The Ultimate Guide

outboard twin

Looking to buy a boat? This guide will walk you through the process Buying a boat is something many people dream of doing but few actually do. Being … [Read more...]

Boat Registration: How to Register Your Boat

boat registration

Specific laws for registering your boat vary from state to state; there’s a good listing with links to each state agency at In most cases … [Read more...]

Boat Surveys Checklist

boat surveys checklist

Buying a boat can be a trying process, even if you’ve perused the many articles in our Buying section of Waterblogged, and thoroughly educated yourself … [Read more...]

Sea Trials

sea trial checklist

If you can’t afford a marine surveyor, you need to rely on yourself to perform the sea trial. By the time you get to this stage of the buying process, … [Read more...]

How to Buy a Used Boat

sea trial checklist

Whether you’re eyeing an old, beaten-up fiberglass skiff for crabbing or you’re dreaming about a rugged trawler that will help satisfy your dreams … [Read more...]