Boating Must-Haves. Or Are They?

What do you expect out of your perfect boat? I’ve come to realize that the features I feel are must-haves are quite different than what my boyfriend feels are must-haves, or even wants!

I prefer bench seating so I can chat with my friends and be social – and a table in the center makes entertaining that much better! My boyfriend likes the large, spacious captain’s chairs so he can stretch out with a cold drink in his personal cup holder. And I agree with my boyfriend that we don’t need upholstered seats, but cushions are a must! As long as we can rinse them and they don’t mildew, we are in agreement.

Simply put, I couldn’t care less. And he couldn’t care more. Doesn’t he want to enjoy the quiet lull of the waves and the sounds of nature? No, he’d prefer a Bose system, decked out with surround sound, GPS navigation and fish finders.

Is there a fridge? A cooler? He’s happy. I, on the other hand, need a fully-equipped kitchen so I can whip up food for entertaining guests on the water! A fridge and cooler are must-haves, of course, but so is everything else! We can’t live on chips and dip for every trip!

I could go on forever – but I’d rather hear what other folks out there consider must-haves. Am I way off?! All I’m really asking for is leather bench seating and a kitchen! And a swim ladder is always a plus…


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