Best Wipeouts: Tubes, Watersports and Everything in Between

Not many things are as funny as watching someone faceplant just as they’re learning how to perform a watersport for the very first time.  With that being said, it’s only natural that we review what watersports wipeouts are well-deserving enough to be deemed “the best.” We’ve gathered together clips of our favorites to show you just how brutal it can be out on the water—remember, wear a helmet and brace for impact.

Barefoot Waterskiiing Wipeouts

Barefoot waterskiing is arguably one of the most challenging water sports out there. I mean, you’re literally skiing on nothing. Walking on water has historically been considered a miracle, and this pastime is pretty much the closest a human being can get to it. The soles of your feet are the only buffer between you and the water’s surface, and your ability to maintain balance and concentration is all that’s keeping you from plunging into the deep. It’s no surprise, then, that some of the most insane wipeouts come from barefoot waterskiing attempts.

Wakeboarding Wipeouts

Ah, wakeboarding. Also known as spicy water skiing. Unlike being barefoot and rugged, wakeboarding protects your feet. This means that unless you come down head first into the water like God just smacked you, there’s something beneath you. Between awesome flips and sharp turns, the mild crash is a worthwhile and epic ending to an exhilarating ride. When you wipeout, try doing so in style, like skidding on the water or front flipping. Intentional or not, it undoubtedly looks cool.

Windsurfing Wipeouts

Windsurfing is crazy. If you’re into surrendering yourself to the elements in more ways than one, this is the sport for you. The wind and the waves grab you from both below and above, leaving you at the mercy of mother nature herself. To master these forces in a way that you can effectively ride them out takes some serious practice. Needless to say, it’s pretty common for even the most seasoned windsurfers to eat it now and again, which can lead to some daunting mid-air dives straight into the sea.

Tubing Wipeouts

Windsurfing? Crazy. Tubing? Lazy. But also fun as heck. It’s the electronic bull of water sports. All you have to do is lay down and hold on for dear life as sharp waves and turns bring on a rush of adrenaline. Air drag from below the tube will sometimes even cause the tube to fly! And when you wipe out, YOU WIPE OUT. If you hit the wrong wave, you and/or you partner launch all the way to Mars and back. Just remember the most important part: strike a pose before you come down!

Jet Ski and Personal Watercraft (PWC) Wipeouts

Showing off on a Jet Ski or WaveRunner can be pretty impressive—that is, until you hit the wave back to shore the wrong way and end up flipping nose-forward straight into the sand. Personal watercraft (PWC) accidents can be pretty dangerous. Just so long as nobody gets seriously injured, they’re also extremely entertaining.

After much deliberation, our team at has concluded both the best wipeouts and the worst wipeouts in watersports.

BEST: Tubing

There’s nothing that isn’t fun about wiping out on a tube. You’re whipping around at 40mph with your friends only to be sent flying like a crazy person. It’s energizing, refreshing, and the perfect activity on a beautiful summer day. Plus, unless you land incorrectly or on someone else, the chance of injury don’t seem too high (but we’re not medical experts). So stop what you’re doing, get on that boat, and take some great vids for the ‘gram.

WORST: Jet Skiing

In all seriousness, be very careful on a jet ski. Research composed by the University of Florida shows that jet ski accidents cause much greater injury than boating calamities, and that they occur more often. Jet skiing is pretty much the equivalent to riding an aquatic motorcycle, so when driving one, make sure you’re as knowledgeable as you can be about operating it, and that you exercise great caution to keep yourself and others safe.

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