Best Shallow Water Fishing Boats for 2021

Flats fishermen, light-tackle casters, and backcountry anglers all need shallow water boats to fish from, and choosing among the many flats boats and bay boats out there to find the best boat for your needs can be a tough call. That’s always been true but never more so than in 2021, as a healthy fleet of hot new fishing boats have hit the market. If you’re looking to find a new shallow water fishing machine, consider these top 10 picks.

Best Flats Boats In 2021

Flats boats generally feature absolute minimal draft, forward and aft casting decks, and one or more forms of stealthy propulsion like poling abilities or a bow-mounted electric trolling motor. Some are a bit stockier than others, but while size and weight make for more range and rough-water abilities, they also result in deeper draft and tougher poling. The smallest, lightest versions (often called flats skiffs) can float in water that’s just ankle-deep, but may take a pounding or soak the crew when run across open waters on choppy days. Thanks to these traits, flats boats tend to be better than any other choice for fishing the skinniest of waters — but they aren’t incredibly versatile, and tend to be highly specialized boats.

2021 Dolphin 17 Super Skiff Pro

At 17’9” long and 6’9” wide the Dolphin 17 Super Skiff Pro is plenty beefy for a technical poling skiff, but with the optional Kevlar hull can be pushed along easily in as little as eight inches of water. That size combined with a 14-degree transom deadrise means you can make long runs in a chop and unlike many poling skiffs, remain dry and comfortable as you head to and from the fishing grounds. Speaking of running: with just 90 horses on the transom the boat can zip along at over 40 mph. And the 17 Super Skiff Pro still boasts all of the major flats fishing features serious anglers demand, like huge fore and aft casting decks, wide walkaround gunwales, poling and casting platforms, under-gunwale rod stowage racks, a 28-gallon livewell, and options for Power Poles and electric trolling motors.

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2021 Hewes 21 Redfisher

2021 Hewes Redfisher 21 Flats Boat Fishing Boat

Above: A 2021 Hewes Redfisher 21 Flats Boat Fishing Boat. Photo by Bob Hewes Boats in Miami, FL.

Designed to make the grade for backcountry and inshore duty, the Hewes 21 Redfisher is a classic shallow water fishing boat that splits the difference between accessibility to the shallows and capability in bigger open waters. Hewes redesigned and reintroduced this model last year, so it has several modern improvements. The boat is now built with Hewes’ VARIS vacuum-assisted resin infusion system, carries a whopping 350-hp power rating, and has no problem getting well north of 60-mph and cruising at speeds in the mid- to upper-40s. While its 14-inch draft means this won’t be the choice of die-hard flats fishermen, it can still prowl exceptionally shallow waters and has the capability to handle open bays far better than most shoal-draft fishing machines. Note that the 21 Redfisher is also unusual in its ability to handle up to six people aboard, while many boats designed for use in the shallows have maximum passenger ratings of just three or four people.

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2021 Maverick 18 HPX-V

Favored by countless guides, the Maverick 18 HPX-V offers incredible stability and drafts just nine inches with a Yamaha F150 outboard. And with that powerplant on the transom, you’re looking at top-end speeds just a hair over 61-mph and a cruise in the upper-40s, while enjoying spectacular efficiency — running at around 48-mph the boat gets better than 5.6 mpg. The 18 HPX-V is also highly customizable to fit the way you fish, with options like an offset console mounting; poling platforms with or without lean bars, cushions, rod holders, and footrests; Power Poles and electric trolling motors; push-pole caddies; and even tender lifting gear so it can be hauled aboard your sportfishing yacht.

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2021 Yellowfin 17 Skiff and 17 CE

The Yellowfin 17 skiff is a rare flats skiff in that it’s available in standard 17 Skiff form, but can also be had in the 17 CE version which rides on a stepped hull. They’re built with vinyl ester resin infusion, wrapped with Kevlar, and made with carbon fiber, which makes the Yellowfin one of the lightest flats skiffs around (at 600 pounds) which requires the least amount of static draft (six inches for the standard model and seven inches for the CE). This is another boat which can be outfitted to suit an individual angler’s taste, with accessories ranging from poling platforms, to livewells, to Power Poles and electric trolling motors.

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Bay Boats

Bay Boats generally require slightly deeper water than flats boats, but can still sneak into the shallows and effectively fish in water a foot and a half to two feet deep. Most are designed to be able to run across open bays even when there’s a chop and some of the larger versions are perfectly capable of shooting through an inlet and fishing in the open ocean when the weather is appropriate. Anglers who enjoy a wide variety of fishing styles and settings including but also beyond shallow waters often opt for a bay boat.

2021 Caymas 28 HB Bay Boat

At 27’7” long and 9’4” wide the Caymas 28 HB is a huge platform among bay boats. Most models are either smaller or much smaller, yet the 28 HB still needs just 16 inches of water to float. True, it will seem huge in tight backcountry cuts and creeks, but it’s also shockingly competent when it comes to taking on big seas and if you get one rigged with outriggers and an upper station, running far offshore in search of pelagics is completely reasonable. Another high point in this case is the hull design, which is double-stepped (the SVVT created by designer Michael Peters), and offers speed and efficiency boosts of around 15-percent. Rigged with a single Yamaha F425 it offers cruising speeds over 40 mph, and a top-end pushing 60 mph.

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Contender 25 Bay

Contender Boats is best known for their line of large deep-V center consoles, but they also offer the 25 Bay. With a transom deadrise of 15.5 degrees and a draft of just 12 inches, it’s better than most bay boats at making its way through the shallows. It also boasts a long list of standard fishing features including a 45-gallon insulated fishbox, 40- and 12-gallon livewells, a 70-quart cooler, fore and aft casting decks, and rodholders in the gunwales, console, and leaning post. With flip-up aft and center seats plus console and bow seats, the Contender 25 also has more seating than most bay boats of the same size.

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Pathfinder 2200 TRS

The TRS line from Pathfinder Boats is designed to please anglers who often have the entire family aboard, or those who may want to enjoy un-fishy activities like cruises or watersports now and again. To that end, it’s designed with a larger cockpit than may bay boats, seating both forward and aft, and “Dutch door” console compartment access. The boat can also be had with niceties like a stereo system, a freshwater system, and additional cushions. It’s still 100-percent rigged to fish, however, including perks like locking rodboxes, flush-mount and console rodholders, and a 28-gallon aft livewell that can be complemented with optional additional release well.

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Sportsman Masters 267OE

The Sportsman Masters 267OE is another seriously beefy bay boat from Sportsman Boats that’s intended to split the difference between shallow water accessibility and big water capabilities. Despite a 26’7” length, 9’2” beam, and 4,600 pounds of displacement, it can still float in a mere 15 inches of water. The 16-degree deadrise hull and flared bow, however, deliver a surprisingly smooth, dry ride in tough conditions. The really unique thing about this model, however, is to be found in the bow. The forward console seat extends into a full-blown lounger which houses a 104-gallon coffin box — a feature commonly found only on much larger, offshore-oriented fishing machines.

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Other Shallow Water Boats

Many anglers out there have desires and uses for their boats that go well beyond just fishing on the flats or in the shallows, yet they still want to do these things when the mood strikes. And for them, there are some different options that may prove attractive.

2021 Nitro Z19 Sport

A hybrid between a bass boat and a dual-console boat, the Nitro Z19 Sport has a 16-degree variable deadrise hull that needs just 15 inches of water to float. It comes rigged from the factory with a Minn Kota electric trolling motor, a Lowrance fishfinder, and a custom-matched trailer, so the turn-key package is ready for action the moment you sign on the dotted line. While hybrid-style boats like this may not be ideal for certain specific fishing situations, they do offer the most flexibility possible and you can use a Nitro Z19 Sport for everything from competitive bass tournaments, to sight-casting for redfish, to taking the kids wakeboarding.

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2021 Sylvan L3 Party Fish

Most people won’t immediately associate a pontoon boat with shallow water fishing, but models like the Sylvan L3 Party Fish can get into water just a hair over a foot deep. Plus, triple-log pontoons like this can be amazingly seaworthy. And this one’s decked out to fish and fish hard with a livewell, rodholders, fishing seats, tackle stowage, and even optional shallow water pole anchors. Of course, it also has all those things people love about party barges, from comfy sofas and cocktail tables to a booming Jensen stereo system.

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Written by: Lenny Rudow

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