Heather Francis

Heather Francis is from Nova Scotia, Canada. She has worked and lived on boats throughout the world since 2002. In 2008 she and her Aussie partner, Steve, bought Kate, their Newport 41, in California and have been sailing her fulltime since. They are currently in the Philippines looking for wind and you can follow their adventures at www.yachtkate.com.
safe boating

Boat safety is an important aspect of boating as every captain shares the same basic responsibility: to ensure the safety of their vessel and their crew. Like any motorized vehicle a boat must carry some...

Raja Ampat, or Four Kings, is an island archipelago in New Guinea, Indonesia.
Heather Francis rounds up some of the most amazing remote boat destinations on the planet.
Eco-Friendly Sustainable Boating Practices Protects Marine Wildlife

There is nothing better than a day out on the water, the wind in your hair carrying away the stresses of everyday life. However, casting off the dock lines does not mean that we can shrug off our responsibilities...