Aluminum Boats Can Fish, Entertain, and Even Tow

The Lowe Stryker is an inexpensive multi-species fishing boat.

The Lowe Stryker is an inexpensive multi-species fishing boat.

Aluminum boats offer a wide range of uses from fishing to entertainment, sports and recreation to day trips for both experienced and notice boaters.  They have excellent riding characteristics, and because aluminium boats are often light, they are often very fast even with a lower-powered engine.

At the end of last year, Waterblogged ran a poll to find out what you, our blog readers, do with your aluminum boats. Here are the results:

Fishing was the winner, with 54 percent of the votes. Perhaps not coincidentally, that was also the activity that our “Tap Into Summer Contest” winners, Carter and Carson, did first with the Triton 16 Storm aluminum boat they won from Brunswick.

The second most popular vote with 30 percent of the votes was to entertain. Hard to argue with that.

Nine percent of our readers said they prefer to use their boat for sports and recreation, including water skiing and tubing. Most aluminum boats are trailerable, so they can be moved from rivers and lakes to saltwater bays and harbors with ease.  Although only a small percentage of you pointed to it, we know that being able to use an aluminum boat in so many ways is a value to most owners.

The fourth and final use in our poll with just seven percent of the votes were day trips. We suspect that day trips, in fact, fit into most of the other categories above…there may not have been fishing or towing sports going on, but likely there was some entertaining involved. And if not, a quiet ride by yourself is sometimes the best way to clear your head and enjoy an escape from the daily grind.

No matter how you spell it (our British friends use an extra syllable and spell it aluminium), the modern aluminium boat is usually a reliable, easy to maintain vessel. And as likely as not it’ll be carrying a fishing rod.