2022 Supreme ZS252 Wake Boat Review

Supreme introduced the new ZS252 in October 2021 at the annual World Wake Surfing Championship, held on Lake Conroe in Texas where she turned heads. We were on hand there and got to test this high performance wake sports machine. Not only we were impressed with the standard features Supreme has packed into this boat (including the new “Silent Stinger Wake Plate”), but the numerous options available and fine touches throughout even the base level model. If you’re looking for a wake boat on the high end of the “value class” with a very competitive sticker price, but that also provides a level of luxury and attention to detail usually found on higher price point boats, it’s hard to beat the ZS252.

Above: Join Boat Trader and Ryan McVinney along with Amy Mauzy from Supreme Boats for a full walkthrough review of the new 2022 ZS252 wake boat from Supreme.

Vessel Overview

Touted as the longest wake surf boat in the “entry class”, the Supreme ZS252 is a full 25’2″ long, holds up to 17 passengers and has 5,100 pounds of available ballast. If you’re looking to ride in style and create the perfect waves for surfing, the ZS252 is your ticket. With the release of the longest wake surf boat in the entry class, Correct Craft (the parent company of Supreme) was aiming to create the next big thing in wake boats for 2022.

Supreme ZS252 Wake Boat

Above: A wake surfer surfing the wake behind a new 2022 Supreme ZS252 wake boat on Lake Conroe, Texas. Photo by Nate Walsh for Boat Trader.

Power Package

The ZS252 is powered by a GM HO 6.0L Marine Engine, marinized by Pleasurecraft Engine Group, that is freshwater cooled and packs 450 horsepower. The engine is mated to an Acme V-drive and has a gear ratio of 1.72:1. She can hold 60 gallons of fuel, which is enough for days of enjoyment on the water thanks to her efficient fuel burn, thanks in part to the Supreme “EZ-V Hull” design. The engine does not have to work hard to push this new 25+ foot boat through the water and you can hear the result of that performance in her quiet operation. Add to that naturally quiet performance the new available Silent Stinger Wake Plate (more on that below) and owners and riders can take the decibel level down to 86.5 db, the noise level of a kitchen dishwasher!


The SILENT STINGER® Wake Plate is one of the more exciting innovations we’ve reviewed recently, especially in the world of wake surfing. This very clever design take the exhaust from the boat and runs it through a series of baffles, not only quieting it further but also minimizing the disruption to the wake behind the boat. It’s a very nice feature that we’d suggest any serious wake surfer, or even those starting out who wish to have the most enjoyable wake boarding and wake surfing experiences on the water, opt for when outfitting their ZS252 from the dealer.

Amy Mauzy with Ryan McVinney from Boat Trader

Above: Amy Mauzy from Supreme Boats explains the Silent Stinger Wake Plate to Ryan McVinney from Boat Trader. Photo by Nate Walsh for Boat Trader.

The SILENT STINGER® is essentially a forced water induction exhaust system, designed with the intention of making a day on the water wake surfing and boarding more enjoyable overall. In the past, unpredictable exhaust lines could interfere with a wake boats’s wake and disrupt waves. This feature ensures the wakes are consistent and provides an ideal learning environment for amateurs, with good sound levels for speaking to instructors and drivers, as well as giving tricksters more confidence.

Other Wake Shaping Technology

In addition to the Silent Stinger Wake plate, the boat’s EZ-V bottom begins with more than 30 degrees of V beneath the bow and loses only 10 degrees moving towards the transom, maintaining 20 degrees of deadrise at the back of the boat. Not only does the hull optimize the wake behind the boat, but it also provides a sharp running surface that runs the length of the ZS252 and slices through the rough water, dissipating the shock often felt in a typical towboat on a rough day. This is without a doubt one of the best riding wake boats on the market.

The ZS252 creates a nearly perfect wave out of the box, with big pocket that can be adjusted through the advanced ballast system made up of six separate zones combining for a total of 5,100 pounds of ballast weight. Fine tuning is then done using the wake plates, allowing the driver to customize the waves for riders of all levels behind the boat. These settings can even be saved a user profiles and quickly recalled for ease of use.

Interior Cockpit And Seating

Supreme ZS252 Interior Cockpit

Above: The Supreme ZS252 interior cockpit. Photo via Century Marine in Mesa, AZ.

With seating for up to 17 passengers and plenty of storage space, the cockpit of the ZS252 is spacious and luxurious. Her rear sun pad shrouds storage above and around the engine as well as two wet/ dry storage areas accessible from the swim step secured with slam latches. Thanks to the model’s increased freeboard and tucked-away subfloor ballast, a wide range of gear can be stored onboard and nearly every seat on the boat has a storage area beneath it.

The seating can be customized with an optional 4-position Slide Seat, available reversible lean backs and table. Passengers can get a great view of the action behind the boat with the flip-up Stadium Seats on the port and/ or starboard side as an option. There’s even a big in-floor ice chest enclosure between the driver and observer seats. The huge observer storage area is accessible from the portside seat as well as from the bow.

At The Helm

Supreme ZS252 Helm Controls

Above: The main helm controls on the 2022 Supreme ZS252 wake boat feature a 7-inch OmniTouch screen. Photo via Century Marine in Mesa, AZ.

At the main controls, the boat shows her true colors as a dedicated wake boat with a slew of features that make wake sports easy and fun. There’s a 7-inch OmniTouch screen that controls all of the boat’s key functions and the optional Quick Surf System makes it even easier. All Supremes come standard with GPS speed control from Zero Off.  A smart phone hands-free charging holder makes it easy to control the bluetooth Wet Sounds premium sound system, mounted to the heavy duty Roswell Tower (available in two options) that also has optional swivel racks attached.

From the driver’s seat, the Sport Shield windshield has angled A-pillars that let the driver easily access the water and the docks when docking, as well as a nice cutout for the driver’s left leg that makes it easy to turn and watch riders behind the boat.

Bow Area

Supreme ZS252 Wake Boat Bow Area

Above: The bow area on a 2022 Supreme ZS252 wake boat. Photo by Nate Walsh for Boat Trader.

The bow area onboard the ZS252 is a great place to ride thanks to the boat’s very smooth riding hull and ample freeboard. Up front there are two Wet Sounds speakers and a subwoofer below, along with well-placed cupholders, USB chargers and 12-volt power points. A big filler cushion can give you a big sunpad style lounge area here as well.


This is an exciting newcomer to the wake boat world, offering a lot of bang for the buck and some really serious features that both newbies and experienced wake surfers will appreciate. As Supreme says, “More than ever, people are craving the experience of gathering with family and friends. It’s a need for connection that runs at a very deep level. And if you and yours enjoy water sports, there should be a way to assemble everyone without paying a premium price.” That’s where the ZS252 comes in – and it certainly shines at that.


LENGTH: 25’2″
BEAM: 10’2″
DRAFT: 36″

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