Honda’s Concept Outboard Takes Wing

It’s not really going to run (at least in the near future) but the new concept outboard introduced by Honda Marine at the 2017 Miami International Boat Show does show off some radical design ingenuity inspired by Honda’s sleek NSX car. The wing-shaped carbon fiber blade that seems to float above the engine’s cowling mimics the same shape on the NSX, connecting the car’s roof to the rear fenders.

For display only, Honda's concept outboard borrows design elements from the company's NSX car.

For display only, Honda’s concept outboard borrows design elements from the company’s NSX car.

The idea, according to Honda’s Jarad Hall, comes from Honda’s policy of encouraging product designers to make use of ideas from all around the company. “We were inspired by shapes, materials, and textures used on the Acura. One of our goals at Honda is to better utilize the design synergies we have available. Few companies can offer the scope of design experience available at Honda, where we are working daily on projects ranging from lawn mowers to jet aircraft.”

The NSX design features are continued on the aft side of the outboard, with a honeycomb pattern vent plate that mimics those below the bumpers of the auto.

For more information, watch the short video below, and visit Honda Marine.



  1. mark seifried says:

    The two red areas of the aft engine look like they light up.
    It would be safer and cool if they did. It’s like menacing eyes saying, “You’ll never catch me.”