Remote Oil Filters Make Maintenance Easier

I used to have a toolbox that was so disorganized that I’d never want to work on anything because I didn’t feel like going through the hassle of finding — or not finding — the tools I needed to do the job. Similarly, I’ve had older boats that still had the oil filters in their stock locations, and changing the oil and filter was such a pain in the butt that I never wanted to do it.

Oil filter relocation kits aren't very expensive and can make a dreaded but important chore much easier.

Oil filter relocation kits aren’t very expensive and can make a dreaded but important chore much easier.

That’s bad because oil in marine engines absorbs a lot more moisture and suffers more fuel dilution and breakdown than oil in automotive applications. Changing the oil and filter is even more important in a boat.

So, whenever I find myself in possession of a boat without a remote oil filter, I usually find myself buying a relocation kit. That way, I don’t have to dread doing the job. It also helps to have a drain hose attached to the oil pan that lets you drain the engine out the main hull plug.

A remote oil filter kit will set you back from $150 to $250 depending on where you get it. I always try to mount the remote filter bracket somewhere on the engine rather than drilling hulls in the stringers or hull. I’m not sure why, but I just think it’s better engineered if it’s bolted to a metal bracket that’s bolted to the engine.

The point is that boat maintenance is difficult enough as it is, but it’s critical if you want an older boat to run reliably and last a long time. Make it easier on yourself when it comes time to changing oil. Just be sure you can find all the tools you need for the job.




  1. Joe Chmiel says:

    I Have New VOLVO PENTA D 2 40 diesel i am looking for a remote oil filter mount

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