Boat Trader Newsletter: Worth Signing Up For

BT-iPad-promo-300pxIf you’re a frequent visitor to Boat Trader (because you’ve got a persistent case of boats on the brain, like those of us who work here), you might want to sign up for the Boat Trader newsletter. It’s sent out just once a month, but contains really useful links, both to featured listings and to some of the latest articles on Waterblogged, where we publish tips for buyers, sellers, and hands-on boaters. It’s a way to stay updated about what’s happening on the site without having to remind yourself.

But wait, there’s — yep — more: Boaters who sign up for the newsletter before the end of May (2014) have a chance to win a new iPad Mini. which will come in handy when you need to check the weather, find launching ramps, monitor AIS traffic, and use other great research apps before you head out on the water.