Grady-White Freedom 192: Good Thinking

Grady-White Freedom 192

The Grady-White Freedom 192 is a great collection of ideas in a small package.

There’s a reason why Grady-White stays at the top of the charts, as this versatile, well-planned little Freedom 192 demonstrates. It’s a 19-foot dual-console bow-rider with about a dozen cool features. The company has been in business a long time, and has employees who know a lot about boatbuilding and boating itself. So they think of all sorts of things that make life easier, more secure, and smarter, like the easy-to-access seacock shutoff for the live-well, locker lids that are compressed and latched on top of gaskets to prevent spillage, and more.

Grady-White’s main construction method is tried and true. They build stringers and other structural components of no-rot marine plywood, then encase them in fiberglass. The finished hull is tough as nails and heavier than boats built with foam-filled stringers or other composite grid structures. The weight, combined with variable deadrise and long-refined hull shapes, tends to make Grady-White boats more seakindly and easier on their crews than their lighter competitors.

Watch Lenny Rudow’s 90-second video rundown of the 192 on and follow up with his full review.



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