Video: Sunstream Float Lift in Action

Sunstream has been building innovative boat lifts for sixteen years, and we’re here at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show today to demonstrate their brand new V-Lift.

This is a fast lift that can bring your boat out of the water in two minutes, and launch it in one minute.

It’s engineered so a boat owner can put it together, in an hour, with no tools. It has solar panels to keep the battery charged up, and to provide power to four air pumps that are rapidly lifting it out of the water.

You can control it with a remote.

We like this innovation. Anything that makes a boat owner’s life easier and makes access to the water a little quicker has got to be good for boating.

For more info, visit the Sunstream V-Lift web page.


  1. John Bowen says:

    This video was useless. I needed to see it launch and retrieve a decent sized boat.

    • John Burnham says:

      I would’ve liked to see a boat launched as well. Still, I thought an introduction to such an innovative solution might lead some to consider where such a system might help them out. My impressions were that the lift is both versatile and well put together.