Used-Boat Buying Season

I’ve been seeing lots of Facebook posts from friends who are taking their boats in for winter storage. People who also own snowmobiles aren’t so sad, but those who relish summer more than winter are a bit somber about putting the boat away.

new boats

People looking for new boats at the shows are often the ones putting their old boats up for sale to raise cash. New-boat season is also used-boat season.

I haven’t yet seen any Facebook posts out there from people who are eagerly awaiting boat-show season, but you know they’re out there. The Fort Lauderdale show is nearly upon us. The New York show will be here before you know it, as will numerous regional shows that highlight the latest new models. Then there’s the Miami show, a destination that lures people in as much for the destination as for shopping for a new boat.

All those shows and all those buyers mean that right now there are tons of sellers. And that’s a good time to be looking for a used boat.

Think about it. Some buyers need to use the proceeds from the sale of their current boat to put down on their next boat. The looming boat show season means those owners need to sell. Now. And they’d love to sell before they have to pay for winterization or winter storage.

In the coming weeks, you will see the number of ads on surge. Boat owners all over the country will be eager to get out from under their current boats and turn them into the cash they’ll need to put down on their new ones. And when all those boats hit the market, the law of supply will surface and you should be able to cut a decent deal on nearly anything you’re shopping for. If you can’t get the price you want on a particular model, move on. Another one will be out there waiting for you.

That’s a boon to the used-boat shopper. And if you hurry, there might be still time left this season for one or two cruises on your favorite lake. Fall colors are spectacular. They’re even better when taken in by boat, and they’re better yet when seen from a boat you got a screaming deal on.

Brett Becker