Video: 2012 Boston Whaler 320 Outrage Review

The Review Team took on an offshore challenge to evaluate the newest Outrage from Boston Whaler. Unsinkable, seaworthy, comfortable—what’s not to like?

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Transcript of’s Video Boat Review
Hard core fishing boats play in a pretty tough arena, the open ocean. As a result, they need to be not only seaworthy, but also comfortable for the captain and crew. Boston Whaler’s 320 Outrage boasts the brand’s legendary unsinkable construction—that takes care of the seaworthy part. A deep-vee hull and smart layout take care of the rest. Here’s the results of our test of the 320 Outrage.

Will, you can pretty much do anything with a 320 Outrage, but at its core this is really a hard-core offshore fish boat.

Will Rogers, Boston Whaler: It sure is Jeff, and let me show you right here one of the key features of the boat, which is our bait prep station. It has a forty gallon pressurized live well, along with a nice cutting board, with a little rinse down sink. Along with that we also have a twenty gallon live well back here in the back. So we have not only a principal live well but also a pitch live well.

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