How to Salvage (Pickle) an Outboard

The review team over at has willingly sent a perfectly good outboard engine swimming, just to show you how to get it running again. Enjoy!

If you have ever dropped an outboard engine overboard, had one jump off the transom, or had your boat sink in the slip, then you were in a pickle. In fact, you needed to “pickle” it to salvage that poor powerplant.

Haven’t faced this problem just yet? Good. We’re certainly not suggesting you try this intentionally, as we did. But you should know exactly how this process works ahead of time – because if your outboard does take a saltwater submersion, time becomes imperative.

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  1. Ray says:

    Why is it important to wait a week? Why not start it asap to clean the internal parts out before corrosion has a chance to start?
    Thanks, Ray

    • Lenny Rudow says:

      It’s not important to wait, it’s important to wait UNTIL you have the ability to pickly the motor immediately after removing it from the water. In other words, don’t pull the motor out and allow it to sit and dry. That’s asking for a corrosion party!